Cellulant introduces Tingg digital payment platform


Pan-African payments company Cellulant is addressing the problem of payment fragmentation in the Zambian economy by introducing Tingg, a digital payments platform that accepts seamless payments from its customers.

There are several mobile payment options available in the Zambian market as mobile operators compete for market share. This means that retailers are forced to manage multiple payment histories from different mobile money networks.

Paying through Tingg is easy and convenient for merchants to purchase goods and services. Gilbert Lungu, the Country Manager of Cellulant Zambia, notes that nearly 50% of retail customers prefer to use digital payment options to pay for their purchases. He went on to highlight the challenge facing merchants who cannot support a customer’s preferred payment option and advocates the role of new innovation in “ Eliminate the dependency on cash and POS terminals. “

Cellulant is present in 18 African countries. Its payment platform connects thousands of companies with 154 payment options in 35 countries.

Source: APO group on behalf of Cellulant.

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