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California Northstate University (CNU) and Elk Grove Mayor Bobby Singh Allen are working to attract new businesses to the long-suffering Stonelake Landing Shopping Center.

Stonelake Landing is located on West Taron Court near Elk Grove Boulevard and Interstate 5 and has been owned by the university since 2018.

The center is currently staffed by companies such as Oz Korean BBQ, The Vyne and Spirits, and Dreaming Dog Brewery.

CNU officials had previously intended to build a 13-story hospital in an area that encompasses the western portion of the mall, adjacent to the current university campus in Elk Grove.

However, following opposition from neighbors, business owners, and environmentalists, the hospital’s proposal was ultimately rejected by the Elk Grove Planning Commission due to its location within the 200-year flood plain. It was.

Last month, CNU officials announced plans to build a hospital on the site of the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento’s North Natomas.

The CNU is no longer tracking the construction of a hospital near the campus, but is watching Sacramento’s hospital planning and activation of Stone Lake Landing.

CNU President and CEO Alvin Cheung told citizens last week that a study of Stonelake Landing had never exceeded 50% occupancy since it was built about 12 years ago. Currently 80% free.

“We knew it had to be a place or a purpose that didn’t meet the mall’s requirements,” he said. “So we considered all the other options. We have recognized that by reusing the shopping center, we will benefit from this property and our neighbors will also benefit. “

Chan said he would love to attract tenants who offer businesses that offer a variety of amenities that will attract neighbors to Stone Lake.

“We’re working on it (plan),” he said. “Our goal is to lease it and exceed 50% of the points.”

Fine dining is one of the businesses CNU is looking to bring to Stone Lake Landing, Cheung said.

“We’re actually looking for business owners who want to establish themselves in fine dining, fine dining,” he said. “(Such facilities) create a good living atmosphere. Other convenience stores can help. We have that in mind and are bringing more comfort to the neighborhood. Is the goal. “

Stonelake Landing has approximately 25 commercial spaces and Cheung expects to rent those spaces to approximately 18 companies.

“That means multiple (room) business owners will have a few units,” he said. “That means from 2,500 (square feet) to 3,000 (square feet) these are the right size.”

Cheung spoke about the future of the current tenant at Stonelake Landing.

“For those who are good and confident, I think it will continue to work,” he said. “You stay or come back.

“An example was a well-run Japanese restaurant, but now it’s back. Another restaurant owner is back and says, “Well, maybe we can expand the variety and choice of this neighborhood. I do not want. “He’s thinking about leasing two units. “

Chan added that he would like to have a pizzeria in the mall.

“We call that ‘Game Day Food,’” he said. “You have to have it, as far as I can tell, pizza is the way to go.”

Singh-Allen told residents that their involvement in efforts to attract more renters to Stonelake Landing began last month.

“Many stakeholders contacted (and asked) after learning that the CNU was developing a hospital project in Natomas, the former sleeper train (arena) where Kings once played. For landing? “

“So I got Dr. Cheung and CNU contacted because I wanted to be on the front lines and start this dialogue. For this mall to be successful. It is very important. I actually live in Stone Lake so I have a personal interest in seeing the neighborhood come alive. “

Singh-Allen said it is important to have a variety of SMEs in malls and maximize their potential.

“That hasn’t happened to this day,” she says. “It’s a great place, but it was a challenge from the start.”

She said she believes the mall needs a strong anchor business and needs help from Stone Lake residents and neighbors.

Singh-Allen emphasized her belief that it is important to focus on this mall and keep it moving.

“As Mayor of Elk Grove, I want our small business community and the Stonelake landing not to be ignored,” she said. “So Dr. Chan that he was at the forefront and planning to help revitalize the region. “

But she also said that CNU has an incentive to occupy all of the space in the mall.

“It also gives them the return on their investment,” she said.

Looking ahead, Shin Allen emphasized the importance of not ignoring Stone Lake Landing.

“As the mayor, I am responsible for ensuring that this area is fully implemented. It hasn’t been given up, ”she said. “We don’t want another“ ghost mall ”situation in which it annoys and is given up. And I am sure Dr. Chan doesn’t want that either. Because it returns to the value of the land and what they own. “

Singh-Allen called the occupation of the Centre’s offices a “big goal”.

“Since the hospital is not here, the main purpose here is to make sure that all of these rooms are filled and that we have a great business that can thrive,” she says. I did.

“It is very important to me to do this right, not only as a resident of this district, but also as the mayor of this city.”

Jake Rambo, chairman of the Stonelake Homeowners Association, has met Cheung twice and believes he and Cheung see Stonelake Landing as a place with great potential.

“I think Dr. Chan is aware of this possibility whether they decide to do something or transfer the land to someone else,” he said. It was. “I think there is a great opportunity from now on.”

He added that he shared his vision for the center with Chan.

“I have Dr. Chan said Stone Lake Landing can do some very innovative things, ”he said. “We need to get away from thinking about shopping malls surrounding parking lots.

“I want to use it for multiple purposes there and add more restaurants and amenities. I love to see something like an outdoor amphitheater where the community can listen to live music on weekends. . “

Regarding Shin Allen’s efforts at Stone Lake Landing, Rambo said he appreciated her “two-way” approach to making improvements at this mall possible.

He’s also hoping that at some point people will frequent the vibrant Stonelake Landing and keep the taxes in Elk Grove.

“Keep these taxes in Elk Grove and we’ll invest in our community,” said Rambo.

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