No-touch payments gain momentum as many say no to cash | Bhopal news


Bhopal: As Bhopal opens up and curbs are reduced, digital payment methods are becoming the norm. Even street vendors in Panwalas have switched to the no-touch mode of money transfers.
“Before ordering, most customers first inquire whether we have the option of digital payment. We used to prefer cash, but as the number of customers requesting payments in digital mode has increased, we had to give them the option. Now you can see customers paying even 10 rupees digitally, ”said Suresh, who has a pan shop in Shahpura.
If the smaller shops do their job with the QR code, larger shops have POS machines in addition to QR codes to make digital payment easier. “Payment in digital mode has gradually increased,” said the owner of a medical shop in the Arera Colony.
“I never thought that liquor stores would have POS machines and people would pay digitally, but it happens. Every other store may or may not have the point-of-sale machines, but most liquor stores in town have and a lot of people, especially the high-end customers, pay with their debit cards, ”said Vijay Rathore, an entrepreneur.
The manager of a public sector bank said on condition of anonymity: “The use of digital platforms such as UPI, RTGS and NIFT for transferring funds has increased continuously. Customers use these to transfer funds instead of withdrawing cash. Net banking is also trendy. Yes, there is a section that is skeptical. They feel that their accounts could be hacked or become victims of fraudsters if they use net banking or other digital payment methods, but otherwise the digital payment method has increased significantly and continues to grow, especially among young people. ”


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