Online payday loans without transferring a penny – where you don’t have to transfer 1gr?

One of the most important stages during the process of taking payday loans via the Internet is verification of the borrower’s identity. Many loan companies use so-called verification transfer per penny.

But what if we do not have a bank account, and yet we would like to receive financial assistance from non-bank institutions? Payday loans without transferring a penny are a solution to this problem.

Find out how your identity will be verified if you do not have a bank account, and how you can receive the money you need when a bank transfer is not possible?

Payday loans without transferring a penny – how does it work?

Payday loans without transferring a penny - how does it work?

Despite the general availability of banks, 21% Poles still do not use the basic banking service, which is a personal account at the bank. It turns out that every fifth Pole does not have an active bank account.
~ data from a study conducted by the National Bank of Poland

Good Finance without transferring a penny permanently appeared in the offer of non-bank institutions. Lenders who provide payday loans via the Internet must somehow check whether we are actually seeking additional cash at the moment. Such action is aimed at, among others limiting the number of fraudsters impersonating others. Most companies use the so-called transfer for 1 gro.

The use of a bank transfer

Means that the lender can check whether the data provided in the application match those for which the bank account was created. Thanks to this, he will be sure that he will grant payday pay to the person who applied for it.

Just a few years ago, borrowers who did not have a bank account or those who did not keep any money on it, had to go to a stationary point of granting payday loans and there by the traditional way to borrow the necessary cash. Such activities took too much time.

Along with technological progress, loan companies have prepared special solutions thanks to which they can carry out our verification without having to make a transfer. For this reason, payday payday was just created without transferring a penny . What replaced the aforementioned data checking process and how can we receive money if not on our account? Let’s see!

Online payday loans without transferring a penny – how to borrow without transferring 1gr?


If we want to use the online payday loan without transferring a penny , it means that we either do not have any money on our account or we do not have an active bank account at all. People who need an additional injection of cash are wondering if such payday loan online without transferring a penny is even available to them, and more importantly, how can they get the money they need, if not by transfer? With such clients in mind, loan companies have prepared several methods to get the money you need. Here they are:

  1. GIRO checks – allow you to withdraw money at any post office throughout the country. Such a check is nothing more than a form with a cash withdrawal order. To receive money, you must show the postal worker ID card and check form that we received from the loan company.
  2. Home delivery – after the application has been approved, the lender contacts us to arrange a convenient time to deliver the money. The client receives cash in the form of cash from a loan company representative who delivers them to the address provided. It is a solution that helps many people, including the disabled, get the money they need.
  3. Stationary facility – we can apply for a loan online. When choosing the method of receiving money, we can indicate one of our lender’s branches. During the collection, we will be asked to show a document confirming our identity, so that the money can be transferred to a specific person – the one who applied for it.

As you can see, not only modern methods but also traditional solutions are a way to get money from payday loans online without transferring a penny. Loan companies are constantly watching the changing market and adjusting their offer to the clients’ needs. The result of these activities are various improvements to improve the quality of services provided and increase customer satisfaction.

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