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Infra Bank: a subsidiary of the Lender Bank group

Infra Bank: a subsidiary of the Lender Bank group

Formerly Banque Accord Infra Bank is a subsidiary of the Lender Bank group born in 1983 and whose name changed on 1 July 2016. Initially dedicated to the commercialization of private credit cards hypermarkets of the sign, Infra Bank has diversified from 1990 by expanding its banking offer and offering financing solutions.

Building on its success in France, Infra Bank developed internationally from the 2000s. At the rate of one new country per year, the brand is now firmly established in Europe and Asia. Infra Bank has nearly 7.6 million customers worldwide in 2019, served by 2,500 employees. In France, the brand has more than 400 partners.

Infra Bank has a very wide range for individuals: means of payment and banking services, payday loans, revolving credits, grouping of credits, insurance, pension solutions and savings products.

The Infra Bank credit range

The Infra Bank credit range

Wanting to meet a maximum of financial needs from French households, Infra Bank offers a full range of loans. Only real estate loans are not part of the brand’s offer.

The Infra Bank payday loan

Infra Bank’s flagship offer: payday loans. This loan is available in several versions that adapt to each need:

  • purchase of a car or motorcycle;
  • carrying out work or repairing the decoration;
  • realization of various projects.

For the purchase of a new vehicle, the Auto/Moto payday loan is the most suitable financing. It can finance a new or used car or motorcycle over a period of between 12 and 84 months (or a maximum of 60 months for the purchase of a vehicle without proof). This purchase must be between $ 1,000 and $ 21,500. The terms of the Personal Works/Decoration loan and the All Projects payday loan are identical.

In terms of financial conditions, Infra Bank offers fixed APRs, making it possible to ensure that the same monthly payment is reimbursed for the duration of the loan. This overall effective annual rate can be between 1% and 20.50% maximum. Several factors influence it: the type of payday loan taken out, its amount, its duration, the analysis carried out by the advisor, etc.

Good to know: all of Infra Bank’s payday loan offers benefit from administration fees of $ 0.

Infra Bank revolving credit

payday loans are a great solution for expensive and/or planned purchases in advance. There are however situations in which they cannot be used: for small amounts and for unforeseen expenses. To respond to this problem, Infra Bank provides its customers with several revolving credit formulas.

  1. Virement +, which combines simplicity and efficiency. Upon simple unblocking request made to Infra Bank’s services, the individual receives a transfer within 48 hours. The unlockable amount starts at 50 $, to cover all small expenses;
  2. Express transfer. Quite similar to the Transfer + service, this offer is intended for holders of a credit card. On the same principle, it is possible to obtain an amount in less than 48 hours. On the other hand, the minimum release is $ 100;
  3. AccordLibre is a pre-granted revolving credit envelope. It allows you to quickly unlock the sums you need with a minimum of $ 100.

Good to know: repaying your revolving credit in advance with Infra Bank is 100% free! In addition, you are not asked to provide proof of each release.

Infra Bank: a specialist in the repurchase of credits

Infra Bank: a specialist in the repurchase of credits

To relieve people who have taken out a certain number of loans and whose maturities are piling up, Infra Bank distributes credit consolidation formulas, so as to gather all the monthly payments into one. Instead of different withdrawal rates and dates at several establishments, the repurchase of loans by Infra Bank makes it possible to pay everything in one go, at a fixed and unique interest rate, and this from a single contact. It is possible to reduce monthly payments up to 64% thanks to Infra Bank’s credit buy-back offer.

More specifically, Infra Bank offers to buy the receivables and possibly finance a new project, from $ 3,000 and up to $ 250,000. Thanks to an extension of the loan repayment period, Infra Bank is able to display advantageous rates, and therefore a significantly reduced monthly payment. The brand also allows you to benefit in case of need from an additional reserve of mInfra Bank, and no administrative fees are charged.

How to make a credit simulation with Infra Bank?

How to make a credit simulation with Infra Bank?

Intuitive, the use of the Infra Bank website is very accessible. In the “Credits” category, each type of financing is accessible. Separate simulators simulate the repayment of a payday loan, revolving credit and the repurchase of credits.


I want to buy a new vehicle, but I don’t know how to finance it. I then go to the Infra Bank site, category “Credits”, then “payday loan Auto/Moto”. The simulator opens directly. I then indicate the elements relating to my purchase: new or used car, already an Infra Bank customer or not, presence of proof (invoice, purchase order, etc.), amount of the desired loan and/or monthly payment target and/or repayment period. Varying one of the last three criteria immediately recalculates the other two. It is thus possible to carry out several credit simulations in just a few minutes.

How to take out a loan from Infra Bank?

How to take out a loan from Infra Bank?

The Infra Bank website offers the possibility of making a request for credit consolidation directly online. You just need to fill out a form, specifying the types of loans in progress, the organizations with which they were contracted, the capital remaining due and the amount of current monthly payments. The service is permanently accessible, and Infra Bank guarantees the confidentiality of the data transmitted. The brand undertakes to quickly provide a first response in principle, and the progress of the file can be viewed via a secure personal space.

Similarly, it is possible to request a payday loan or take out revolving credit with Infra Bank directly online. However, only borrowers who are already customers of the brand can subscribe 100% online by signing their contract electronically.

Infra Bank termination: instructions for use

The termination of an Infra Bank product or service is a big topic. Indeed, there are a multitude of different products offered by the company, and each follows its own rules. Certain large families can however be highlighted:

  • Cancellation of a payday loan from Infra Bank: in the strict sense of the term, a loan can never be canceled. In fact, the borrower is required to repay the total amount borrowed. However, it is possible to prepay your loan before its scheduled end date.
    If the outstanding capital of the credit at the time of repayment is less than $ 10,000, then no penalty is applied. Otherwise, it will be necessary to pay an amount equivalent to 1% of the principal repaid (or 0.50% if the loan ends in less than a year).
  • Termination of a revolving credit: 0 $, this is what the borrower will have to pay during the early repayment of his revolving credit.
  • Cancellation of an Infra Bank bank card: this possibility is free. However, it will be necessary to make such a request in writing to Infra Bank’s consumer service. The cut card must be attached to this request to be taken into account.

The Infra Bank insurance range

The Infra Bank insurance range

In addition to its financing offer, Infra Bank also offers several insurance products. Vehicle, home or loan: an insurance solution can cover you or your property.

Auto insurance is a must in the field. Protecting your vehicle, driver and passengers is essential. For a third party, a third party or at all risks, you can request a quote online. 100% free and without obligation, this quote will allow you to find the best offer in terms of price and quality of guarantees.

Home insurance

The operating principle of home insurance at Infra Bank is identical to that of car insurance: by requesting an online quote, Infra Bank entrusts LSA Courtage with the mission of finding the best home insurance formula. Individuals then have the choice between two types of guarantees:

  • the “Economic” formula, offering the best price;
  • the “Comfort” formula: this contract offers substantial guarantees suitable for a majority of households.

Loan insurance

It is possible to take out loan insurance with Infra Bank. Under certain conditions, this guarantee makes it possible to cover the deadlines or the capital remaining due in the event of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA) or total temporary incapacity for work (ITT). Insurance covers from the first day of membership without waiting period, and no questionnaire or medical examination is required. The contract can be signed at the same time as the repurchase of credits or the payday loan.

Clear and transparent, this offer benefits from two additional advantages: an identical cost for all borrowers (0.13% of the capital borrowed for a single person and 0.25% for a couple) and an absence of medical questionnaire to complete. Regarding revolving loans, there is a dedicated borrower insurance formula at Infra Bank.

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