Student loan

A preferential student loan is intended for people who started their studies before the age of 25. These studies cannot be consecutive after passing the exam. This applies to both bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies.

Students can also apply for a student loan, among others such facilities as the National Defense University, Military University of Technology Jarosław Dąbrowski or the Naval Academy of Bohaterów Westerplatte.

A student loan does not require a stable income from the student


Has a low interest rate (about 2%, part of it is financed by the state budget), and most importantly, it can be repaid two years after graduation.

Money is paid in installments for 10 months (from October to July), so the student does not receive funding during the holidays. The loan amount is PLN 600 per month, but it may be PLN 200 lower at the borrower’s request. By March 31 and October 31 a document confirming passing the semester should be presented to the bank.

The income limit is PLN 2,500 per family member

The income limit is PLN 2,500 per family member

Priority in obtaining student loan is given to people who come from poorer families. The income limit is PLN 2,500 per family member. When applying for a loan, a promissory note or surety of third parties must be presented to the bank.

Another form of security can be a blockage of funds on a bank account. To get a student loan, you must submit an application by November 15 at the bank that gives you that option.

Student loan money can be used for any purpose

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Some branches do not even require a bank account and allow you to transfer to an account in another bank.

Student loan money can be used for any purpose. Banks do not require indication of intentions regarding loan installments. However, it is recommended that students invest in assets instead of saving.

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